Enterprise Electrical have worked on a number of exciting projects over the years.  Here are a few examples to give you a taste of the kind of work we do.

Roll Former Automation

Our client in the roll forming industry needed the functionality of an existing machine expanded to manufacture an additional product line on the same machine.  The job involved refurbishing the machine with a new control system and the replacement of hydraulic guillotine positioning cylinders with a high precision electric actuator.

We installed, programmed and commissioned a new Omron PLC and touchscreen, a Pilz safety controller with coded magnetic interlock switches and a Festo EPCO positioner.  All new components were integrated with the usable parts of the original machine wiring.

The result is a safer, more versatile machine that can be easily adjusted in the future to accommodate new product designs.

Parcel Sorting Line

Enterprise Electrical was approached by Agito, an Australian conveyor manufacturer, to complete all electrical installation works for a large parcel sorting line they had built for DHL’s Auckland Airport site.

We provided three electricians for the duration of the project and also provided local installation support as their engineers were often operating from their head office in Australia.

This was a two part project that required us to set up half the new line in parallel with existing machinery, before decommissioning the original line and installing the second half of the new line.  We were able to ensure that there was a seamless transition with no break in processing for DHL’s time-critical deliveries.

The customer was impressed by our flexibility and ‘can-do’ attitude.  Following the completion of commissioning, we have continued to support DHL with maintenance and breakdown coverage as required.

Starch Kitchen

In cardboard manufacturing, the ‘glue’ that binds the layers of paper together is a mixture containing corn starch.  The Starch Kitchen is the machine that proportions and delivers the finished starch compound to the corrugator line.

Enterprise Electrical were contracted to complete all electrical installation tasks when Carter Holt Harvey Packaging (now Oji Fibre Solutions) purchased a new Ringwood Starch Kitchen for their plant.

The installation contained multiple tanks with auger motors, pumps, valves, level and pressure sensors and a bag hoist.  We installed a new main supply cable, all cable support ducting and field wiring and assisted the OEM engineer with commissioning.

We enjoy a great ongoing relationship with the guys at Oji and regularly assist with projects and shift cover.