Electrical Data Logging

Enterprise Electrical can log power consumption on your site.  We use specialist data logging equipment to provide a rich data set, including maximum, minimum and average values for each parameter.

We can test individual machines, appliances and lighting circuits.  Or, we can log the supply for your entire site.  You will find this service really useful to quantify energy consumption when considering plant upgrades.  You can then use hard data to decide whether a supply upgrade is required, for example.

Energy efficiency in your plant means more profit and better environmental outcomes.  An energy audit will give you the data you need to make truly impactful changes in your energy use.

We can provide graphed results in a report for easy interpretation, or supply raw data for further analysis.

Call Enterprise Electrical when you need electrical data logging in Auckland.

Logged parameters include: voltage, current, frequency, power factor, active power, reactive power, apparent power.