Machine Installation

Enterprise Electrical installs machinery.  We work together with our sister company, Steelcraft Engineering, to manage machine installations from job scoping right through to hand over.   Together we can provide a true turn-key solution.

We will install main supply cables and field wiring and can integrate machinery from different suppliers to create whole production lines.

Our electricians will work with OEM installation engineers, or the project can be managed with our own team.

Machine Relocation

Enterprise Electrical have relocated a number of complete production lines over the years.  Examples include glass processing lines, roll formers and printing presses.

We work across a variety of industries which gives our electricians unique insight into how to best move your equipment.

Switchboards & Wiring

Electrical requirements will change in your factory as you grow.  We can install new switchboards, upgrade old ones, and install cabling to ensure you have the power you need, where you need it.

LED Lighting

At Enterprise Electrical, we can re-fit and install energy saving LED highbay and flood lighting in your plant.

With significant energy savings on running costs, plus ongoing savings with no lamps to replace, it’s not hard to see why so many companies are moving to energy efficient lighting options.